gottadoitformexico: How did you lose weight? is there any tips you can give me? 

There is not secret to my success - no magic pill, or quick solution. Healthy weight loss done right just takes eating healthy, exercise, and a lot of patience.

balledofadove: I'm having such a hard time "starting" my weight loss journey. What got you started/what kept you on track? This is so hard!!! I need to lose 60 pounds to be considered healthy and I just CANT do it 

You can do it. You’re the one who controls your fate and happiness, this also includes your health and weight. The first step is believing in yourself that you can do it and then everything else falls info place from there. This is your journey, and your life - no one else can push you to do it - but most importantly no one can take it from you either. Be the you that YOU want to be

frenzyforfitness: how long did it take for you to lose so much weight? 

About two years, my journey’s still not complete though.