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Who’s down for the September Challenge with me?!


Two years ago I started talking to a charming, whitty guy who seemed to have his life in order. He wasn’t exactly my type, he was nerdy looking and slim but I figured I’d go for a first date anyway. The day was July 15th when we finally went out, we went to famous Dave’s and he showed up in his muddy Toyota FJ. My initial thought was whoa, what a tool. The date went well but like I said, he wasn’t really my type. I chalked it up to the fact that we’d be good friends if anything. Time went on and I realized it didn’t matter if he wasn’t my type, I was falling heavily for this guy. We dated a year plus and broke up. 8 months went on and his new relationship ended. We’ve been inseparable since. Sometimes it takes a new relationship to make you realize what you had before. Neither of us are perfect, but I do believe that we are perfect for each other.